Competency: Where do I need to improve?

  • Do you know what we call someone who has knowledge about how a bike works, perspective on why to use a bike, the convictions that riding a bike is important and that they can do it, and has grown in their competency to ride? We call that person a bike-rider! Does that mean they are going to go out next weekend and win a gold medal at the XGames? Of course, not! But its not meeting the perfect standard that makes someone a bike-rider. A bike-rider is just someone who, even when they fall, they keep getting back on.

  • The Christian life is the same way. We strive to grow in our knowledge of Jesus and gain the perspective of Jesus, in order to experience the joy and peace Jesus offers. We want to be intentional in letting Jesus develop our competency to do those things better so that we will live more like Jesus.